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This blog is currently its fourth iteration. It started as a blog about house buying, morphed into art, then into travel with my dog, and the most recent posts feature my general attempt to not fail at modern life.

I write simply because I always have.


PBR and El Zeuser.


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  1. I was reading the Herald Sun and I noticed the death notice for Kathleen Joan Rule. I knew Joan Rule many years ago through my association with the Beynon family. I read your blog Peta and was sad to read that Joan had Alzheimers and I am sure for Joan and her family, it must be a happy release. I knew Joan for 15 years and in that time, I had some wonderful visits to the farm at Pimpinio. I loved her garden and she was a beautiful cook. Each Christmas she made all the Beynon family a container of the most beautiful piped shortbread biscuits with icing filling. Joan was always emaculately dressed and had beautiful skin. She had her hair set weekly something that ladies like Joan did in keeping their appearance faultless. I use to love seeing her as she had some wonderful stories to tell which I never tired of hearing. She had a most fantastic sense of humour and a great laugh. Thanks for sharing your blog and for speaking so beautifully about the beautiful person she was Peta. Regards Elissa from Ballarat

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