Month: December 2014


Been asked a few times how I do the whole cartooning thing. It’s not hard, bit of a lark really. So I vined it, because apparently that’s what I do now. Also did my friend Carolyn, with a hat-tip to Mallory Archer.

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Over Christmas I was relegated to pencil-and-paper. Or sometimes pen-and-paper when I lost the pencil sharpener. Brief segue: I was sharpening my pencil off the side of the balcony at my sister’s house (sketch of said house left) Next door neighbour: “Haven’t seen one of those for a while.” Me: “We’re a dying breed, the pencil-sharpening people.…

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Preaching to the converted

I mentioned in a previous post I’d been putting together a comic-style piece of Da Vinci’s last supper. This is a version featuring my rowing buddies. Worth noting this isn’t really about religion or any sort of statement. In fact, I stole the idea from an art exhibition held by the artists of the West Australian some…

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Satori and the jungle book

Satori is one of the reasons I have taken up drawing again. A former colleague, Satori took to drawing flowers – or “doodles” – in her spare time. One she gave me has been on my work desk for a few years now (along with an indoor plant she gave me that stubbornly refuses to die). Anyway,…

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Return of the posca

The first time I encountered a posca pen was when Digs (Sonia, being her real name) used one to write on her trendy circa-1994 tartan pencil case something about Kurt Cobain, I think during English class. They were also perfect for scribbling graffiti onto the bunsen burner station. For more than 20 years, I’d not given the posca…

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New things

Ahhh I took a trip to Jackson’s Art Supplies. It is the go-to for any art enthusiast in WA, although the real pros get their kit online in bulk. Not being a real pro, a lovely Russian girl with a Scandinavian/French accent (she told me few could accurately pick her accent) helped to procure some black paper,…

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Jarvo the bushman

Ran into my friend Jarvo yesterday. Jarvo has an ironic beard. It’s ironic not because he’s a hipster who rides a fixie and drinks chai latte. It’s ironic specifically because he’s not. Jarvo is pretty much the real deal: A camping, fishing, hiking one-man war on screen time, a champion of outdoor play, tree climbing, pocket…

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cut the crap

This is my attempt to capture two of the most talented people I know in the simplest of forms. Still not wrapped with Teischa’s hair (well, her hair is fine. It’s my ability to replicate it in the minimum number of lines the problem), so it’s kinda a work in progress. Also had a muck around…

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