Jarvo the bushman

Ran into my friend Jarvo yesterday. Jarvo has an ironic beard. It’s ironic not because he’s a hipster who rides a fixie and drinks chai latte. It’s ironic specifically because he’s not.

Jarvo is pretty much the real deal: A camping, fishing, hiking one-man war on screen time, a champion of outdoor play, tree climbing, pocket knives and tent pegs.

His only fault is that when he goes on the water, he prefers to go forward kayak-style instead of backwards, despite being an accomplished rower in his own right (having once rowed lightweight. Hard to believe now… sorry Jarvo but it’s true.)

So I had to have a crack at drawing my first beard.

I don’t think I quite nailed it but was good fun. Drawn with a parker pen on a manila folder (it was all I had handy at the time).

jarvo drawing editI also did just the black and white outline. I like the beard but the mo doesn’t quite work.




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