Satori and the jungle book

Satori is one of the reasons I have taken up drawing again. A former colleague, Satori took to drawing flowers – or “doodles” – in her spare time. One she gave me has been on my work desk for a few years now (along with an indoor plant she gave me that stubbornly refuses to die).

Anyway, this is Satori, drawn in the style of her choice:

Satori 1It’s not perfect but I’m getting the hang of it.

The security woman who runs the lifts at my office, the lovely June, gives everyone a smiley face to pin to their lanyards. It is an unwritten brotherhood, those who have been accosted by June and forced upon the tell-tale yellow smiley badge.

I’ve got to know June over the years. She saw the previously-posted flamingo drawing which I was, at the time, carrying with me to give to a friend.

June asked me if I would draw something for her granddaughters, and she requested a giraffe. So here’s the giraffe for June… not exactly brilliant but kind of fun… and a chick with a flower and converse sneakers. Because grunge.

giraffeflower chick



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