Return of the posca

The first time I encountered a posca pen was when Digs (Sonia, being her real name) used one to write on her trendy circa-1994 tartan pencil case something about Kurt Cobain, I think during English class. They were also perfect for scribbling graffiti onto the bunsen burner station.

For more than 20 years, I’d not given the posca another thought until I embarked on a mission to draw a friend a Westie (not the rower, and not belonging to Mother Murdoch… a different Westie, but then they largely look the same).

I had decided to draw white-on-black and after spending the weekend exploring chalk pencils, I came to the conclusion I prefer something a bit more definite. Pencils can be a bit like the damper pedal on a piano – it gets all smudgy and is a cheat’s way of making it look better. (The damper pedal is a cheats way of making music sound better).

Turns out, poscas are pretty fun for white-on-black. Here’s the dog, which in fairness actually looks a lot like an ewok:


Tash also insisted that I signed this one as it’s a gift for her parents. Which is a little embarrassing for me but well, there you go.

This one was also a gift. this is chalk pencil on black:


girl and eyeGoing back to the comic concept, I’m working on some ideas for single frame comics. No words yet but mucking around with faces and eyes and stuff, because I’m still generally still drawing people who look a bit deformed. (Ref the drawing of Paul Jarvis, who when he used it as his profile pic, was accused of having crazy eyes!)

Actually found some old gel pens at home which I’d used to write Christmas cards a few years ago, so used those for the eye colour here. the rest is just ink pen.


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