pic 7Over Christmas I was relegated to pencil-and-paper. Or sometimes pen-and-paper when I lost the pencil sharpener.

Brief segue: I was sharpening my pencil off the side of the balcony at my sister’s house (sketch of said house left)

Next door neighbour: “Haven’t seen one of those for a while.”

Me: “We’re a dying breed, the pencil-sharpening people. This sharpener was my Christmas present…”

The Swede: “And birthday present.”

It was like having a film camera.

Anyway, I practiced a few things over the break…

Drawing in scenes:

pic 13I used some youtube tutorials on drawing to start working on scenes. the argument is essentially you use a high horizon, then put the characters heads on the horizon, with the bodies drawn to scale. I found this actually worked quite well. Drew the above on the plane home yesterday, it may have been inspired by Expendables 3. I DO NOT recommend this movie unless you want to see some spectacular faces.

Dolf Lundgren, Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris, Mel Gibson, Jason Statham, Antonio Banderas… that is a lot of face. These guys are so extreme they look like cartoon characters all the time.

I reckon a chick’s Expendables of Amazing Faces would be Jane Fonda, Angelica Houston, Bette Midler, Barbara Streisand, Jamie-Lee Curtis and Meryl Streep.

But I digress.

Drawing from two perspectives:

pic 17This is essentially corner-of-a-building stuff. The two picture frames come from either side of the horizon – in this instance, pretty much the road and the stream. Not a great pic but just putting it in to demonstrate the point.

Different perspectives:

pic 4


I quite like drawing feet and hands. I remember in highschool I could never get them right but I think I’m getting there now. This was a fun one.

And drawing an aerial shot. I was actually pretty happy with this until I went the blue for the ocean. I should have just done the whole thin in black, with perhaps pink for the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. But I’m not sure that worked either.

Here’s the remainder of the Christmas scribbles. I’m happy to get back to electronic drawing but it has been a good break. I also picked up some awesome drawing materials as birthday and Christmas gifts so looking forward to giving them a crack.

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  1. Love your drawing PBR. Maybe set aside one day a week as “non digital art day”? If you keep it up I may eventually be inspired to try some.
    PS I have a film camera AND a pencil sharpener. They don’t get much use though!

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