Month: December 2014


Another weekend experiment. Learned to use the eye dropper tool. #lifechanging. Can’t believe I didn’t know how to use it before now

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Back on black

This is Spanna, who I promised to use as a muse. We spent a good bit of time doing grainy, hungover selfies during her revent trip to Perth. Haven’t quite figured out how to recreate the graffiti on the wall. Or sort the shading on her left arm. working on it. Take two:   I…

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Back to basics

I drew a lot as a kid, but was never really any good at it. Most of my scribbles were curves and tunnels in the border of my trigonometry papers. I much prefer drawing electronically. Draw one eye, copy it, flip it and BAM, you have two eyes, both the same size. Don’t get the colour…

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The Fighter

Meran has been tough from the day I met her, some time during the mid 80s now. Meran motivates everyone around her and always has brilliant creative and innovative ideas. I don’t see her much any more as we live on opposite sides of the nation, but when she wrote “draw me” I just couldn’t resist.…

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I adore Archer. The images are beautiful in themselves but it is of course the slightly outraged yet monotone of Archer’s voice artist that brings the show alive. I used the Archer concept for the header to the blog here so it would be pretty pointless posting about it again. So here’s a new thing: This…

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Disney rower

This is by far my most disliked picture. Janelle has judged me harshly. But probably also fairly. I’m not entirely sure what inspired me to put it together. I think I just wanted to try drawing hair using a gradient tool (just quietly, I think it worked pretty well.) Anyway, once I had a face and…

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Skeletorious in Markstrat

Markstrat, for those who have not had to play this simulated marketing game, is kinda complicated. It is an algorithm designed in the 1970s that allowed teams of MBA students to pit their marketing skills against each other, with a focus on the four Ps: Price, promotion, placement, and product. I think. We named our marketing team Shysters…

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Being Homer

I was banned as a child from the Simpsons. I think I was about 13 when it graced the television sets of country Victoria, so I got probably an extra kick out of drawing Simpsons characters. Although I presume I’m the only person in the world using microsoft publisher to draw cartoon characters for fun. The closest I…

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