Skeletorious in Markstrat

Markstrat, for those who have not had to play this simulated marketing game, is kinda complicated. It is an algorithm designed in the 1970s that allowed teams of MBA students to pit their marketing skills against each other, with a focus on the four Ps: Price, promotion, placement, and product. I think.

We named our marketing team Shysters and being the nerd I am, I did spend quite a bit of time analysing the weekly reports with a focus on what our competition was up to.

However, none of that was as much fun as putting together the final presentation on our team. Given we’d played had and tried various ways to cheat – and our name was Shysters – it made sense to go with a dark theme for the presentation.

With all the Skeletor memes around, it was an easy pick. Also handy because I am a bit of a MOTU (masters of the universe) fan and Skeletor is so much fun to draw.

We also made tshirts from the team and I was amused that I was asked for the hexaco colour code for the dye. I know little of this so I had to google the chosen green hue which i was using in the Publisher RGB scale, and see if I could convert it.

Turns out this colour of RGB 146/208/80 is Hex #92d050. I still don’t know what this even means but this website was useful for the conversion.

skeletor 1 skeletor2 skeletor3 Vodite tshirt


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