Back to basics

I drew a lot as a kid, but was never really any good at it. Most of my scribbles were curves and tunnels in the border of my trigonometry papers.

I much prefer drawing electronically. Draw one eye, copy it, flip it and BAM, you have two eyes, both the same size. Don’t get the colour right? just adjust it. Draw a line that doesn’t quite work? Just move it. Easy.

So my pencil-and-paper skills leave much to be desired. However, it’s a quiet Sunday here at Valhalla (see previous blog posts on house buying) so thought I’d try my hand at sketching.

It was that, or exercise, and I don’t think I’ve psyched myself up quite enough yet to get back on the training wagon.

So here’s the first sketches I’ve done since… probably in all honesty, 1997. With thanks to SpAnna and Adam who played the role of muse today.

Me spanna spanna's eye Adam 1 Adam 2


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