Gettin’ my colour on.

For Christmas I was given a Papillionaire bicycle.

To be honest, I do think they suit more the Manic Pixie Dream Girl types that can be most often seen in Leederville but I’m going to love my bike anyway.

So I drew it, my first colour sketch so far. I used pastel texta things that were given to be my the indefatigable Pippa McIntosh for the sea, sky and beach. The block colours are fine-tip markers (also a gift)

I think it worked pretty well, although I still look like I draw like a child :/

Getting the wheels circular was particularly problematic and I ended up using a piece of string as a type of compass.

sketch 3

And so with the quiet of New Year and no uni for another week (woohoo!) I had a bit of time to have a crack at a few pieces. Eagle chick was not supposed to look like a Game of Thrones character, it was inspired by a pic I saw depicting a falconer in Nepal. Typically I didn’t quite get the dimensions right. But it’s a process.

I have also started turning to pinterest for drawing tips. It is kind of disheartening, there are so may incredibly talented people out there drawing awesome stuff.

It made me rethink this whole blogging thing, but then came to the conclusion that this blog is a bit like the driving range at Wembley. 

What I love about Wembley is that no matter how bad I am, there is almost always someone who is worse. So it’s worth showing up to hit golf balls off the upper deck anyway, quoting Chubbs Peterson all the while.

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