Ghost stories

I made it the whole way through a sketch book. I don’t think that’s ever happened before – that I’ve actually used a whole one before I’ve lost/destroyed/turned it into a shopping list.

Today’s electronic pic is the beautiful Jayne, a colleague. Used a 70 per cent transparent gold star for her eyes – first time I’ve attempted multicolour in electronic form. It worked ok, she doesn’t look too much like a serial killer I think.

Finally starting to get better at hair, but this requires more work, both electronically and with a pencil!

JAYNEAlso hit the UWA bookshop which is always dangerous and have walked away with not just my negotiation textbook for the summer intensive (which starts Wednesday) but… well, seven brushes, watercolour paint and pencils, and oil paints which I promised myself I wouldn’t buy but I seem to have.

Here’s the pix to round-out the sketchbook before I launch into the new. The sleeping girl was me waiting for the Swede to go out. He has come to the conclusion that with a pencil and a piece of paper, I can entertain myself for hours.

Train girl was inspired by the story of Emily Bollard, who was hit by a train as she took a shortcut through a tunnel in 1916 and has, the legend goes, haunted the Picton’s Murshroom Station ever since.

The rowing pic has turned out a bit blurry in photograph 😦 I used pastels – normal ones, not the oil ones. I didn’t quite get the water right but I was happy with the reflections overall.

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