Month: January 2015


Me: Hey Facebook, what should I draw? The Mandurah Mail: My office, being exploded by a bomb. My friend Chris: A firebreathing goat. Chris, here is your goat: Kate, I’m working on blowing up Mandurah. That’ll be an actual sketch so might take a while… Advertisements


Getting out of hand

The dinner table looks like this: This cache of colours has grown far more rapidly than I anticipated and seems to be mutiplying daily. The stash comes with a sharp ping of nostalgia: My beautiful mum would give me endless art-related gifts as a child, and I kind of feel like I’m buying stuff I used…

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Ghost stories

I made it the whole way through a sketch book. I don’t think that’s ever happened before – that I’ve actually used a whole one before I’ve lost/destroyed/turned it into a shopping list. Today’s electronic pic is the beautiful Jayne, a colleague. Used a 70 per cent transparent gold star for her eyes – first…

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The bee pun

I love puns. And jokes. My all time favourite is as follows: Q: What did the zero say to the eight? A: Nice belt. That little nugget resulted in my friend Spanna breaking her toe during a hiking expedition. This one was laid on me by the equally hilarious Nel Austin, who for the record is actually…

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Gettin’ my colour on.

For Christmas I was given a Papillionaire bicycle. To be honest, I do think they suit more the Manic Pixie Dream Girl types that can be most often seen in Leederville but I’m going to love my bike anyway. So I drew it, my first colour sketch so far. I used pastel texta things that were…

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