And now, for the sake of hilarity.

This is my friend Matt Hort. Who is universally known as the “Mug Punter” for his propensity to take on absurd challenges, undertake profoundly inadequate preparation, and still scrape through to finish.

He has multiple claims to fame.

Being the Godrather is not one of them, but I think he carries the look off well.



If you’ve been playing along at home, which is unlikely but whatever, you will know that I bought a stylus and tablet thing. I first saw one of these being used by the artists at the West. Rachel was someone I quite idolised in her artistic ability and also soccer skills.

Anyway, it’s nearly been a decade but I finally got around to getting one. This Wacom number came with a few different types of software. I’ve been playing with ArtRage, and it’s SO FUN.

These are posted more or less in chronological order. I figured out tonight that I can rest my wrist (try saying that five times) on the base of the tablet without screwing things up, so things got quite a lot easier to draw after that. The first pic of Spanna looks a little shakey – but it’s actually quite a fun look and she seemed to like it.

I really need to master hair.


spanna finished gauge roads sith face





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