Plot holes

In today’s blog I will respond to the myriad of questions that have demonstrated there are some significant plot holes in my tale that need to be addressed.

To make it visually interesting, the blog will be broken up with images from Mt Zero and Mt Stapylton on the outskirts of the Grampians National Park.

Question From Leslie: Is Zeus still with you?

He is currently in Horsham, being busy mum and dad’s house by failing at guarding them from the hoard of cats that sneak in every night. He is successfully guarding them from random people that walk past. I spent a week or so at home coaching mum and dad on the nuances of dog ownership and have left them with Aaria the Dog Whisperer’s phone number in the event there is a major doggy-related drama. 

Question from Di: what happened to the trailer?

The trailer is also in Horsham. When mum and dad rescued me from Adelaide they also collected the trailer, all my boxes and stuff and the dog. It will stay in Horsham parked up the side of the house until I finish the plane-related legs of the journey. Quite how I get the trailer from Victoria back from WA is another matter…

(Another) Question from Leslie: what’s all this about India?

Ah yes. Leslie I have drawn you this very helpful map of my journey:

Right now I’m in Melbourne and about to take the green leg of the journey to Sydney to see FRANKIE THE MOST AWESOME GIRL IN THE WORLD. 

From there it’s Sydney-Mumbai for a study tour to complete my MBA on November 19. We take an internal flight from Mumbai to Delhi, and then I fly Delhi-Melbourne at the end of the month.

This means I will have completed a three year slog for a post graduate degree that has taught me some useful life skills (management of hangovers in your 30s)  some less-useful skills (null hypothesis, anyone?) and introduced me to some epic people.

From Christy: Exactly what are you studying in India?

Not sure. As I’ve been traipsing across the country I have missed all the pre-departure information. I do know we’re meeting with the IPL – the cricket people, not the laser skin therapy.

From Aaria: How and when are you getting back to Perth?

This is a most excellent question. Once back in Melbourne I need to get to Horsham to collect the Zu but how precisely I make it from there back to Perth is a bit of a mystery. Three options include:

  • Leave my stuff in Horsham and fly back with the Zu to get a real job
  • Steal dad’s Lexus to tow the trailer and drive across the nation
  • Buy a car in Victoria and drive back to WA
  • And then there’s the old “don’t come back” but that largely depends on the employment situation because someone will need to pay me to do something soon otherwise it will be baked beans on toast for the rest of my life.

I highly recommend a trip to the Wimmera-Mallee at the moment. It is just stunning, greener than I have seen in my whole life. For the Ex-Horshamites, check this out, taken at Australia’s brownest town, Pimpinio:


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