Princess Spanna

This is, I think, my fourth drawing of Spanna. Not entirely I’ve done her justice in any of them. Spanna wanted me to create a cartoon where she was “smart.” This, from a woman who speaks five languages and is a lawyer for rich people.

I eventually decided I am giving up cartooning until I get better gear because it’s laborious at present, and the outcomes aren’t actually that good.

Except the fire breathing goat. That was cool.

So here is Spanna being a Disney Princess.

spanna V2


New things in this drawing: First time I’ve used gradient on the whites of the eyes, and then highlighted with a white block. I think worked quite well actually.

Same with teeth: Used a light grey gradient then added white detail.

The entire face is also gradient tool, as are smile marks and nose. Not entirely sure the latter two worked that well to be honest, I might have another crack at it later.

It’s helpful that Span actually looks like Belle from BATB.


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