Clickbait and self obsession

A “30 day drawing challenge” turned up in my pinterest feed.

I usually shun such things: Novelember, dry july (ergh), movember, 365 photos in a year, black-and-white challenge etc.

However with this… well, why not. It’s clearly clickbait, and I just have to own the fact it worked. The first thing on the list is “yourself.”

self portrait
  1. Yourself
  2. favourite animal
  3. faourite food
  4. favourite place
  5. Best friend
  6. favourite book character
  7. favourite word
  8. favourite animated character
  9. favourite tv show
  10. favourite candy
  11. turning point in life
  12. most recent accomplishment
  13. a comic
  14. family picture
  15. inspiration
  16. favourite plant
  17. a scribble
  18. something new
  19. something orange
  20. something you want
  21. something you miss
  22. something you need
  23. a couple
  24. scenery
  25. something you don’t like
  26. someone you love
  27. anything you’d like
  28. a place you want to go
  29. favourite fairytale
  30. a congrats banner

I wonder how many I will get through before I get bored/run out of time.


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