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Favourite place

This whole 30 day thing is resulting in a lot of art I’m not especially happy with. I don’t think I’m patient enough for watercolour. I want to keep going before the undercoat has dried. However, it has given me ideas at least and I think I’m better than the day I started. Which is, you…

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Three types of Holly

So the next two pictures on the 30 day challenge were “your favourite animal” and “your favourite place.” I skipped the latter and went direct to best friend, because place is going to be a watercolour and I need to source a bit more material. Excuses notwithstanding, I wasn’t entirely happy how my favourite animal –…

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Clickbait and self obsession

A “30 day drawing challenge” turned up in my pinterest feed. I usually shun such things: Novelember, dry july (ergh), movember, 365 photos in a year, black-and-white challenge etc. However with this… well, why not. It’s clearly clickbait, and I just have to own the fact it worked. The first thing on the list is “yourself.”…

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