Three types of Holly

So the next two pictures on the 30 day challenge were “your favourite animal” and “your favourite place.”

I skipped the latter and went direct to best friend, because place is going to be a watercolour and I need to source a bit more material.

Excuses notwithstanding, I wasn’t entirely happy how my favourite animal – the insuppressible Staffy Holly, came out in round 1.

holly V1Basically charcoal is hard.

So I had another go, which was a bit better I think. I didn’t need to smudge this one. Smudging always reminds me of the damper pedal on the piano – it’s kind of a cheats way of making things sound (look) better.

Holly v2On to day three and Holly appeared again…

This time because in the “best friend” category, I have a few. And I’ve already drawn most of them… as cartoons, comics, princesses, jedis, sketches etc.

So this one is of Steph, kind of. I find it hard to draw actual people freehand. Steph is due to have a daughter in a few weeks. She’s also the owner of the very loyal Holly.

Steph 2 pregnant chick take 2


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