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I was sent to Tokyo once, about a decade ago. It was a junket with NEC and I saw the first protoype for mobile video chat – a function I thought then I would never use… and time has proved that instinct correct. One afternoon with a Danish writer called Thomas Bach Larsson (now there’s a…

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Three types of Holly

So the next two pictures on the 30 day challenge were “your favourite animal” and “your favourite place.” I skipped the latter and went direct to best friend, because place is going to be a watercolour and I need to source a bit more material. Excuses notwithstanding, I wasn’t entirely happy how my favourite animal –…

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Giants and Jedis

Giants invaded Perth. I drew my girlfriends as Jedi Knights. That’s about the summary of the week. This footage went to Perth Now on Friday. It’s cobbled together footage from my mates, linked together using imovie. Every day these Jobs devices amaze me more. Apparently, this has been viewed more than 230,000 times. Meanwhile, The Swede…

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