I was sent to Tokyo once, about a decade ago. It was a junket with NEC and I saw the first protoype for mobile video chat – a function I thought then I would never use… and time has proved that instinct correct.

One afternoon with a Danish writer called Thomas Bach Larsson (now there’s a name for you) I think we went on an expedition looking for Gothic Lolitas. I think we were looking for Harajuku and sadly, I don’t recall finding it.

That said, recollections of the whole trip were pretty hazy.

When my friend Tash lobbed to work in epic knee-high socks (and a long history of exceptional footwear), it brought to mind that fated expedition to find what was then, a new an rather underground movement confined to Japan.

Anyway, this resulted in what I guess is my first Manga inspired sketch since I was in high school.


Random bloke is because I’m trying to draw more guys. I’m not good at them.

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