Sketches from innovation

The proper sketchbook had a rest this week due so it’s time to get back to it. Have been doing an intensive at uni on innovation. I have not posted the pix I drew of people in the class because that would be weird. I did hand a few of those out though, when they worked.

I think my people skills are improving… kind of. Although a robot randomly showed up.

SketchesIn other news, I told my classmates the going rate for an infographic CV was a bottle of decent red (providing it is not pinot. I had a fight with pinot some time ago and we’ve not yet made up) This is the template of one I knocked up yesterday for a friend. I quite liked the wheel thing, which of course I shamelessly stole from somewhere else. de-identified

I intend to get back to the 30-drawings program once I decide on my favourite word to draw.

Quixotic is on the list. As is WHOMP, which really needs to be written in capitals.

And “piffle”, which was a word my Grandfather used to describe people who are talking rubbish.

Oh, and Travis. I nearly forgot to post Travis. I hope he forgives me.



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