The Doctor and Gypsy

This is the most wonderful Dan Hatch playing the role of a Doctor 4-11 mashup, for the whovian nerds among us. Dan proposed marriage after I drew this. A nice gesture, I thought, but I think his significant #perfectboy would be somewhat displeased. Dan the doctor

In pen-and-paper related news, I went back to the 30 days drawing challenge which lasted all of five minutes, and went with “favourite word”.

Contenders included “WHOMP” which is an awesome and also onomatopoeic but other than a whomping willow, somewhat difficult to illustrate. Quixotic was also on the list, often used to describe the romantic figure of the single sculler… but I’ve drawn SO MANY ROWERS.

So I went with gypsy, for the happy reason it has no vowels. I also considered various palindromes, however they’re only interesting once they become sentences. Like “Cigar? Toss it in a can, It is so tragic.” Or Dr Awkward. Actually, that could apply to the above.

Anyway, this is the Gypsy, with thanks to JD who lent her feature proportions to this pic, not that I’ve told her that yet…



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