I went to buy dog food, but instead bought a calligraphy set.

calligraphy woman

The whole palaver started because I was trying to paint words. The Gorgeous Blonde Munchkin needed a sign about cheese for her upcoming wedding and in a moment of getting carried away with myself, I agreed to volunteer for the job.

In the end I used acrylic on board for the signs and I think my roses improved in the process. I’m not really a rose girl, to be honest, but you can find tutorials on youtube for pretty much anything.

Simmi's signs

I’d kind of avoided painting anything except watercolour up until this point, but after procuring a puppy and painting pretty much all the furniture in my house that wasn’t nailed down, I was feeling better about paint.

Of these guys, two are pen, two are acrylic on board. Needless to say, I discovered the importance of undercoats here.

coloured pix



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