TISM (This is serious, mum)

Diane and I

I have a new house.



Whatever. The upshot is this hairbrained scheme to leave the safety of Mount Hawthorn and venture across Australia in a vehicle that is literally a joke for the lost (‘I bought a jeep’, anyone?) with a dog that’s not exactly bred for harsh climates is, well, getting real.

Diane (pictured above) had a little Erde tourlite camper trailer for sale on Gumtree – essentially perfect for what I was looking for.

Diane has started her four-wheel-driving later in life: She is set up with a little short-wheel base Suzuki and is upgrading to a pod camper as the camper trailer was proving a bit of a challenge for her to set up alone.

Diane belongs to a 4WD club and she passed on some great tips and tricks to me, as well as a whistling kettle. Now I just need to get a stove to put it on, and thus make it whistle.

Departure is about T-minus 7 days now…



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