Doomsday prepper or just going on holiday: You decide

doomsday prepper

Expedition prep. Turns out, kinda fun. Things might have moved on since mum and dad bailed us as kids into the back of the Pajero in 1992 to circumnavigate the country, but some things were eerily familiar.

New things include the variety of battery and rechargable lights that will also double as an MP3 speaker that sync with your phone to use as a remote (true story).

And camp chairs… Oh. My. Holy. God. I got suckered in to a number that will fit both Zeus and I, and my ipad, and phone, and coffee mug, and possibly the stove and kettle as well. I could camp in just the chair.

goldie hawn housesitter

I felt like Goldie Hawn in Housesitter, which oddly enough Wikipedia tells me was also released in 1992. Does anyone else suffer an affliction where normal life moments are regularly linked to Steve Martin movies?

Other things, like jerry cans and gas lanterns, are exactly as they were.

On the latter, I had to youtube it to figure out how to put it together.

How did people learn stuff before youtube was invented?

CDsOther prep has included burning CDs like a crazed demon as the Jeep is a very basic vehicle that hasn’t yet caught up with the itunes age. The roadtrip music, not unlike the camp gear, has moved on in some cases.

But the classics are still there: Creedence Clearwater Revival. Copperhead Road. Crowded House. Commitments. Cold Chisel.

I’m only up to C.


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