Quobba a bluff?

Captain’s log, day 9 Wins:  Filled up the jerry can with fuel without looking like a noob. Feel hardcore now Successfully put up tent on howling southerly with some very creative pegging and octopus straps Found first souvenir: perfect clam shells from Quobba station. Losses: Was wondering why floor of tent was so dirty… Turns…

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WWJD (What Would Jarvo Do)

Jarvo is the wild bushman from Whitegum Valley. He built his own house using Youtube tutorials as a guide, has a gorgeous blue-brindle Amstaff called Stella and only drives Landrovers. (He is not in the picture at the top of the blog because he has “surgery hair” – a surgery on his ear to restore his wayward…

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TISM (This is serious, mum)

I have a new house. Vehicle. Tent. Whatever. The upshot is this hairbrained scheme to leave the safety of Mount Hawthorn and venture across Australia in a vehicle that is literally a joke for the lost (‘I bought a jeep’, anyone?) with a dog that’s not exactly bred for harsh climates is, well, getting real. Diane…

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I went to buy dog food, but instead bought a calligraphy set. The whole palaver started because I was trying to paint words. The Gorgeous Blonde Munchkin needed a sign about cheese for her upcoming wedding and in a moment of getting carried away with myself, I agreed to volunteer for the job. In the end I used acrylic…

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Watercolour was really a medium of my childhood: A cheap, water-soluble paint that was comparatively easy to clean up. So I’ve been mucking around a bit with them. The tree looks like it was painted by a child but the rest… actually I’m pretty pleased. The sea creatures were inspired by the amazing works of Amok Island  which…

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And now, for the sake of hilarity.

This is my friend Matt Hort. Who is universally known as the “Mug Punter” for his propensity to take on absurd challenges, undertake profoundly inadequate preparation, and still scrape through to finish. He has multiple claims to fame. Being the Godrather is not one of them, but I think he carries the look off well.   If…

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Small things

Random sketches that were not as time intensive as the ones in the previous blog, here for your perusal, in the spirit of full-disclosure. I call this “random people I saw in Sydney. And Xena. Because sword.”

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